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EXERCISE  Tuesdays & Thursdays (7 – 8:30 PM) 

Join us in 2015 at the Warriors Mark UM Church for a time of Exercise on Tuesdays & Thursdays (7 – 8:30 PM) 

 Make 2015 a great year by improving or maintaining your physical well-being and having fun with friends at the same time.





The theme in worship for this Lenten season is “Broken.”

t started February 22 and continues through March. It began with us looking at a ‘broken and contrite heart.’ “Contrite” means sorrowful, or repentant. It is only when we are under the conviction of the Holy Spirit and we recognize our sinfulness that God allows our heart to be broken. When that happens and we return to him, he puts all the pieces back together and with the healing blood of Jesus Christ he restores us.

 The following song, written back in 1988 by Michael W. Smith, speaks of a person who was once close to the Lord and who has fallen away. In 31 years of ministry I have known many people like this. More often than not, it was because another person in the church said or did something that hurt them. (We are all fallible human beings!)  The problem is that we tend to transfer the blame to God, and instead of working things out with the other person, we walk away from God.

I Miss the Way

Once a true believer, once there was a fire in your soul
You were the epitome of blessed faith astir
With thirst for holiness and hunger for the Word
Now you move in other circles, to the beat of different drums
And I see only glimpses of the one you used to be
The inspiration that you were to me

Some are calling you a prodigal; some aren't calling you at all
But far away someone is calling you back home
Do you hear it anymore out there on your own?

I miss the way His love would dance within your eyes
I miss the way His heart was the soul of your life
And somewhere in the saddest part of heaven's room
Our Father sheds a tear for you… He's missing you, too

I Miss The Way lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

Praying for all those who have slipped away,









Book of Acts Devotion

Book of Acts Devotion





 A Great Commitment
   To The Great Commandment
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