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January 2016

“Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations…” Matthew 28:19
“You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and
bear fruit – fruit that will last…” John 15:16
Why go on a work mission? Did anyone mention the Bahamas
in January? It sounds like a good reason! Before I was a pastor
the church I was attending planned a work mission to Haiti. It was
my first mission experience. One elderly gentleman who wore a hearing
aid later (jokingly) stated, “I signed up to go on the trip because I thought
they said Tahiti (to Haiti), and I’ve heard of the beautiful women there!”
There are many reasons why people choose to go out of their comfort
zone and assist others, but the main reason is that we are chosen,
as followers of Jesus, to go and bear fruit. Bearing fruit takes many forms.
Sometimes it’s teaching a Sunday School class or working in the church
kitchen serving a funeral dinner. Bearing fruit finds us visiting a church
member in the hospital or sending a note to someone who is going through
a difficult time. And, yes, bearing fruit sometimes sends some of us out
on work missions to assist others who are in need.
The place we go doesn’t really matter. We’ve been to the HUB in Altoona;
we’ve helped church members and community members with household
repairs; flood clean up in the Williamsport area; Florida after Hurricane
Andrew; Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina; New Jersey after Sandy… etc.
Really, the area where a need exists is where God’s people gravitate.
Some people help by contributing to church ministries. Our conference
Volunteer In Mission ministry helps to undergird the work teams. When we
place an offering in the plate on Sunday morning a portion of that goes
into the conference to help with various ministries and missions. Others
give directly to assist certain volunteers who feel called to go. And others
give their own money, as well as, their time and talents to be a part of
the Lord’s mission. Thankfully, we have the prayer support of many, which
happens to be a major contribution!
We all work together.
The benefits of being a participant come, not so much from the fixing,
repairing or clean up, but rather from the personal contact with individuals
and families who can see and feel the love of Jesus Christ through our
presence. Being part of a work team is an amazing experience. We get to
 know each other in a different setting, under difficult or uncomfortable
 circumstances. We work hard, laugh much, and become a family. I’m looking
 forward to our time in the Bahamas either working on Habitat homes or
clean up after Hurricane Joaquin that hit last fall. Please keep our group
in prayer – Tiffany Mayhew, Jane Hyde, Wayne and Peg Friling, George
and Cindy Johnson, Jesse and Sara Kulak, Steve and Penny Shadeck (friends
 of ours from a former church I served), Curt Knouse (the VIM leader),
Kimberly Phillips (serving in the Gettysburg area), Joan and I. We will be
 representing you in our mission work, thank you for
supporting us.
In His Service