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Jesus knew the importance of renewal…

“Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.” Mark 1:35

After the feeding of the 5000 in Matthew 14:23 it states, “After he had dismissed them, he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray.”

In Luke 5:16 it also says that, Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.”

These times came after Jesus had been ministering to the needs of many people. Being fully human, his physical, emotional and spiritual state of being needed to be refreshed. It happens to pastors as well.

In over 30 years of ministry I hadn’t heard of Renewal Leave. Then 2 years ago our daughter, Tara, mentioned that her Pastor was taking a couple months off for renewal. Since then, I have heard of several other pastors and District Superintendents doing the same. When I had my “one on one” discussion with my District Superintendent (who, by the way, will be taking a 3 month renewal leave starting the middle of this coming July), I was explaining to her the many things that were distressing to me, especially as my retirement was approaching. The plans that had been in place were disappearing; the loss of a home, the loss of an 87 year long family business, the need to redo our plans for the future and find a new place to live… it’s difficult to keep one’s mind on the day to day ministry needs of two congregations when your mind is going in a million directions. So, Rev. Dr. Kathy Kind said to consider taking a renewal leave to get some of these things cared for and to refresh my life.

The week after Easter I will be on vacation. Then for the month of April I will be on Renewal Leave. We have arranged for other United Methodist pastors to cover emergencies and are working on specific people to fill the pulpit. I will still have two weeks vacation that will be taken at the end of June, which will more than likely be used in moving so that the trustees can have the parsonage kitchen redone before Pastor Eric moves in and starts ministry here July 1st.

I will appreciate your prayers during this time and I will be holding the congregations in my prayers as we transition into a new future filled with amazing ministry possibilities guided by the strong and steady hand of our Lord.

God’s peace to you,

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